Monday, 11 November 2013

Advantage of Print And Electronic Media Advertising

The word is dead. Nobody reads any more.  In a world dominated by electronic media, viewers have largely replaced readers.
This is the conventional wisdom reigning in some quarters. At Flags Communications, we don’t think so. Even a cursory glance at industry figures about the recent growth in Design and Print media advertising would prove our point. We believe that print and electronic media are not antithetical, but complimentary means of effectively getting marketing messages out there to the public.

The debate about print versus electronic media is similar to the widespread belief in the 19th century that the advent of photography would make painting and drawing obsolete. While illustration may have lost some of its primacy in publishing, the older visual arts continue to flourish. Similarly, print and electronic media have diverse advantages that will ensure both will remain part of the marketing mix, albeit in different degrees, depending on the brand, marketing budgets and the nature of the target audience(s).
Print media advertising agencies offers certain advantages even today. While it does require a degree of literacy and some leisure to read, the cost of a newspaper or magazine is  much less than that of a TV set or an internet-enabled laptop. These publications do not require electricity (or batteries) to work or a cable/wi-fi connection. Lightweight and portable, they can be carried anywhere without fear of damage, and are easily referenced.
And informal distribution networks everywhere enable surprisingly large numbers to easily access these publications...

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