Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pitching the Product Marketing Services right with Positioning

Product Marketing Services include a gamut of services beginning from the knowledge of the product line then identifying the target customers and the distribution channel best suited to reach the target customers. Deciding upon price is also vital to the entire marketing plan. Engaging the customer at every stage of product evolvement is primary to improve the quality of a product. Through consumer insights, quantitative data analysis, validating product ideas and testing of product lineup and packaging, the company can grasp the pulse of the customer integrated as a resource to experiment new ideas and strategy. 

Flags Communications is among the leading Product Marketing agencies with  the expertise and experience of transforming products into brands. Branding, Packaging, Logo design and product positioning through promotion combine to position a product in the market and then the consumer mind space. Competitive advantage is a tangible product benefit or intangible product attribute devised to make the product stand different from others in the category. Unique Selling Proposition or USP includes features, design and quality and equals to grabbing the target consumer’s consciousness and sustaining it in face of competitive marketing messages.  Clutter breaking and sustainable brand positioning is the essence of any product’s successful run in the market.

The right Marketing Mix is at the centre of Product Marketing Services. Identifying the most suitable promotional techniques from advertising, consumer promotions, Point-of-Sale, Outdoor, print media Marketing, and many more. Creativity in media tools also plays a prominent role in enhancing the marketing services by boosting the brand image. 

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