Saturday, 21 June 2014

Advertising agencies enhance brand value and volume in market

Brands are made through the right communication and sustained by 360 degree marketing campaigns over a period of time. Innovations in Media, like double-edged swords have on one hand opened new avenues to touch consumers and on the other hand made the journey more competitive. Consumers are now more aware and selective as regards to products and brands. A roadblock or a challenge for creative Ad agencies, one-upmanship in communication is the most noticeable trend in today’s advertising scenario. 

Brands and advertisers desire to catch consumer attention everywhere. Advertising is observant of new ways to create the magical Unique Selling Proposition or USP to cut through the clutter, that’s an ever -increasing phenomenon since the surge in consumerism. Ad agencies are implementing every tool in the bag, from technologies to packages and offers to surprise the consumer and turn attention to desire and action.

Advertising and Marketing is a continuous brand management exercise because it may take more than five to six times for a consumer to even notice the brand’s message. Advertisers hire ad agencies to explore the possibilities of every media-from Print, Electronic, Outdoor to the Internet. Social media marketing has emerged as one of the potent media tools with far-reaching results. Mobile advertising is another exciting medium gaining momentum with advertisers to seize target consumer interest on the go. Ad agencies and creative agencies will go on employing every trick in the trade to cut across the advertising and marketing clutter.

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