Friday, 23 January 2015

5 Digital marketing trends that will dominate 2015

It is hard to argue that social media has changed the face of digital marketing, or marketing overall for that matter. The transformation is so great that the line between traditional and digital marketing has been blurred and a great many companies are finally accepting the fact that to win in marketing they MUST have a digital strategy and that strategy should probably include using social media. The advertising agencies of Delhi and Bangalore have seen their advertising revenue pie’s rising from 25% to 33% and this number is slated to rise further

Email marketing will become more smarter
With website visitors becoming increasingly wary of handing over their email addresses, businesses will need to be extremely smart about what types of email content they provide and how they promote it.

User experience holds the key
Surfacing and structuring a company’s most relevant insights-as great content –can position a brand a trusted partner. Enabling meaningful forums and social extensions a community establishes an ecosystem around a brand

Mobile web browsing
Even as new mobile platforms emerge, traditional mobile offerings-smart phones, tablets, smaller laptops will continue to increase in importance. Simply put, the web offerings need to be accessible any time and from any device. For this the new web development projects should be built with responsive design in mind.

The 24 hour newsroom
The best way for brands to connect with people is to behave like them – reacting and responding to the world around them as things happen. This means they need to be as instinctive, natural and – most importantly – creative as everyone else. From tone of voice to visual expression, employees at all levels need to feel both confident and empowered to act on behalf of the brand no matter the context.

Content marketing will (finally) become about true value
A successful content strategy should be about producing first-rate content, not just rehashing or compiling everyone else's insights. Businesses will finally realize that blah, run-of-the-mill content does very little in terms of increasing search rankings or attracting followers. In fact, they will begin to see that producing low-quality content can actually be damaging in terms of SEO and building trust

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