Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Advertising agency in Bangalore

Big advertising agencies or the full service advertising agencies are ONE STOP SHOP for all services that are offered to the clients. Today’s creative agencies are providing total communication packages for the client brands. They are also acting as the custodians for the brands of the clients. There are various departments in an advertising agency including

1. CLIENT SERVICING: they are also known as “Accounts executives”.  The client servicing executive is the link between the agency and clients. He/She suggests what the client exactly wants from the advertising agency. They are the one who carry the client’s brief and is also responsible for approvals.

2. THE CREATIVE DEPARTMENT: This team works under the leadership of Creative Director. The department includes a team of Copywriters and Visualizers who arrive at the “BIG IDEA”. Accordingly the storyboard is prepared and script work is done. The final layout is sent to the client for approval.

3. THE PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: This department is responsible to convert the storyboard in to a finished layout. However, the television commercial will be outsourced to a production house

4. THE MEDIA DEPTARTMENT:  this department is concern with buying and selling of media – space spot and slot. The Media Planner along with the Media manager prepares the final media budget.

6. THE FINANCE DEPTARTMENT (ACCOUNTING): This department looks after the accounts for the agency.

7. STATEGIC PLANNING: Strategic planning is a heart of an advertising agency. It will be headed by VP Strategic Planning and assisted by
strategic planners. These days the clients require a well prepared
advertising strategy before the design of the advertisement is created and hence
strategic planning has grown in past few years.

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