Monday, 16 February 2015

Strategic Role of the Creative Advertising Agency in IMC(Integrated Marketing Communications)

Although every department is essential in an advertising agency, the creative department is the one that defines it. If an advertising agency has a product, it is creative work. Everything from print ads , to direct mails ,Broadcast campaigns, websites content and guerrilla campaigns are conceived here. Based on the premise of innovative and multi-faceted physiognomy, Bangalore has become a hub which inspires creative agencies to spin advertising ideas beautifully.
Today, The digital channels have definitely amplified the need for an ad agency in Bangalore to evolve and adapt. Social media pushed this even further by forcing brands to engage with consumers — one-on-one — for the public to see, in a very human voice. Mobile, too, is offering ways to connect with consumers who now wield tremendous power in the palm of their hands.
The intensity of modern business has increased pressure for innovation, which places greater emphasis on creativity.

When people think of Creative agencies in Bangalore and the advertising output, they generally think about the big idea… and how it plays out across media. As we move towards the era of personalization, creative advertising agencies in Bangalore must become the purveyors of personalization. This does not mean the death of the big idea, but rather a new dawn when agencies are bringing brands many big ideas that are either directly or loosely connected in a way that enables them to connect the brand through channels that transcend advertising (think content, wearable technology, screens that allow consumers to skip traditional messaging and more).. The ad agencies in Bangalore that can create these many big ideas and be accountable for these many new forms of creative are destined for success.

Creativity in IMC is attributed to the level of uniqueness and differentiation that advertising agencies in bangalore have to come up with in order to be different from others especially when taking into consideration the amount of competition agencies are faced with.  Effective campaigns are demonstrated on the Integrated Brands showcase which recognizes brands that are innovative, strategic and successfully growing their sales. By effectively leveraging each communication channel greater impact can be achieved together than achieved individually.

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